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Wound Healing Solutions

Wound Healing Solutions

For healing wounds at any stage, ManukaMed gets faster, better results.

  • Chronic, non-healing wounds
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Venous leg wounds and ulcers
  • Pressure wounds and ulcers
  • Arterial wounds and ulcers
  • Surgical wounds and ulcers
  • Skin tears
  • Other non-healing wounds and ulcers

Benefits of ManukaMed’s unique healing properties.

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  • Faster, better healing
  • Decreased biofilm
  • Increased plasmin activity
  • Decreased pH level in wound bed
  • 100% safe, no cytotoxicity

Ease of application, at any wound stage.

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  • Flexible and comfortable to body contours
  • Sustained moist wound environment
  • Reduced odors associated with chronic wounds
  • Super Absorbent Fibers (SAF)
  • Extended duration of dressing strength

Contraindications: Patients with known sensitivity to honey.

Precautions: Temporary increased pain, stinging due to osmotic action and/or low pH of honey.